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Exploratory concepts, planning applications and detailed design with a view to issuing a Contract tender for construction. As a member of the RIBA we subscribe to the RIBA Plan of Work stages as professionals, however, in working with private and domestic clients, we find this clearer to categorize into five stages:











All enquiries commence with a site visit to understand the context and engage in discussions with our client to rationalise a project brief.


Establishing a clear brief is the key to ensuring the success of a project; understanding how the Architecture and Interior designs must perform for our clients to deliver on function, form and character.

During the Brief definition we work closely with our clients to understand their aspirations for the project in space form and function. Understanding how our clients operate in daily life, what works well in existing dynamics and how the architecture could work for them to improve how they live.

All projects commence with a site visit with our clients and discussion to review the aspirations for the project, as well as the functional parameters such as timescales, cost and service requirements.

We carry out ongoing routine reviews with our clients at every stage to ensure expectations for cost, timescale and quality output are managed.


In finalising the project brief upon appointment, we move into exploratory concept designs. We explore the potential of the project, assessing the physical constraints of its context, its natural and architectural setting and begin to interpret the brief according to these parameters.

Working through iterative sketches and floor plans to establish the function and layout of the architecture, we reciprocally work with our clients to develop mood boards and material palettes, to begin to explore the qualitiative aspirations for the project.

We find Pinterest is a fantastic accessible and collaborative tool for our clients to collate the imagery that speaks to them, so that we may interpret the qualitative features into the architectural design.


Upon approval of concept design sketches, we move into digital drawings and 3D modelling.

In this stage we look in greater detail at room layouts and inter-spatial relationships, exploring volumetric form, lighting and views.

This is again a highly collaborative phase and invite our clients to give as much feedback as possible. We continue to explore ideas through moodboards and encourage our clients to consider their functional requirements for everyday lifestyle operations, as much as the aesthetic aspirations.

This phase typically concludes with a Planning Application to the relevant planning authority.


Having an approved planning application for the agreed design, we progress a Technical detailed drawing package for the project, suitable for a Building Control Application and Contract tender to appoint a Principal Contractor for building.

This includes detailed floor plans, sections and elevations for the Architecture and any Interior design details included within the appointment, such as bespoke furniture, staircase design, bathroom and kitchen layouts etc.

We pride ourselves on our attention to detail and this is where we believe the magic happens; our extensive knowledge and problem solving skills create the blue prints for realising the qualitative design features that achieve the quality and defining character of a project.

This stage terminates with Building Control sign off and Contract tender for a Principal Contractor for building the project.


We offer a Contract Administration service throughout the construction of the project to ensure our clients’ peace of mind.

We will conduct routine site visits and monthly contract meetings, to ensure the project is carried out in accordance with the detailed design specification, and to maintain a comprehensive photographic record of the build. The monthly contract meetings with Contractor, QS and ourselves (Architects) facilitate regular updates on cost and timescales for the client.

We work closely with our contractors and are always open to their advice and input for efficiency of construction and streamline costs, without compromising on quality.

We oversee the snagging process and offer continued support during defect liability stage 12 months after contract completion to ensure the process is managed on behalf of our clients, so that they can enjoy the project with peace of mind.

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