We create high quality, timeless and elegant architectural designs...

We are passionate about architecture and believe architecture should enrich our soul and enhance our connection to place. We find the beauty and strength of a well considered design lies in the detail. We provide a personalised design service to our clients to ensure each project is tailored to the client, the context and will fundamentally stand the test of time.


It is important to our firm to ensure architecture is considerate and responsive to its residents and the environment, through both active and passive systems. We are incredibly climate conscious and believe the first step to help, is taken at home. We endeavour to help people do their part without compromising the realisation of their project.

We believe Architecture is the lense to appreciate a place, and the medium to access this.

Through sensitivity to local vernacular, employment of natural materials and adoption of texture, we believe we can enhance this connection, bringing the landscape and architecture together in harmony.


Chadwick and Partners Ltd was formed in 2022, by Alice Chadwick. With over 14 years of experience working in the Lake District National Park, on residential, Hotel and Leisure architectural projects, Alice launched her studio in response to the growing demand for her design services from private and commercial clients. Having been raised and worked in a place of Outstanding Natural Beauty and a designated UNESCO World Heritage, Alice’s sensitivity to the natural landscape and our presence within it, is engrained into our approach to design and believe a connection to nature is necessary for our well-being.